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    Here you can purchase our paper model kits. Select item to see info, then fill the feedback form (it is on the right) and pres send. There are two ways to get the kit you want: download its digital copy (pay with card) or purchase in paper (prepay). 

    The first way (Price A) - just click "buy" and follow further instructions. You'll be able to download a pdf document with layouts and assembling instructions in english. The only thing you should do is to print layouts and build your own model according to the instructions.

    The second way (Price B) - you order the paper kit via email (prepay). We'll send it to you with post service. You have to fill the feedback form carefully. Don't forget to put your post address and email. You'll get the order confirmation request. After you confirm your order, we'll send the package to you. 

    Price A - $2
    Price B - $8

    Price A - $3
    Price B - $9

    Price A - $5
    Price B - $15

    1:48 La-5FN Plane model.
    Wooden mill
    from the museum
    of ancient architecture
    of Perm,
    called "Khokhlovka".
    1:25 UAZ-469 paper model.

    Дата: 2009-12-21

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  • №5/09 "An-2"
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